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What if Senator Bola Tinubu Wins at the Court - By whatever means?

The recent Nigeria Presidential election was marred with corruption, voter suppression, violence, tribalism, and rigging, all of which have cast a dark cloud over the election results. A prominent figure in the election, Bola Ahmed Tinubu was indicted for cocaine, heroin and gun crimes and forfeited $460,000 in the early 1990’s for drug-related offenses, and is viewed as deeply corrupt. Recently, there have been reports of Tinubu’s Guinean citizenship and how he committed a crime of perjury having lied about his dual citizenship to INEC (Independent National Electoral Commission). Also, the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) has filed a preliminary objection to a suit instituted by the People’s Democratic Party and a chieftain of the party, Dino Melaye, against Tinubu. With the election petitions hearing currently under way, what would the implications be if Tinubu were to win at the court - by whatever means?

Tinubu’s opponents, who are in the majority of Nigerians, fear that Tinubu may use bribery and other tactics to influence the judiciary in his favor. This would be a major blow to democracy in Nigeria, as it would call into question the integrity of the election and the impartiality of the court system. Furthermore, it would undermine the will of the people, as the majority of Nigerians had originally wanted Peter Obi to be elected president, despite his votes being suppressed and rigged.

The potential implications of a Tinubu win go beyond just the election itself. Tinubu has been accused of being a powerful drug baron, and if he were to be elected president, his power would be further consolidated. This could lead to further corruption and nepotism in the Nigerian government, as Tinubu’s allies would benefit from his position of power. It could also lead to a further breakdown of law and order in the country, as Tinubu’s opponents may resort to violence in their efforts to oppose his rule.

tinubu-img The potential ramifications of a Tinubu win at the court are dire. It would be a major blow to democracy in Nigeria, and could lead to further corruption, nepotism, and violence in the country. Furthermore, it would undermine the will of the people and cast doubt on the impartiality of the judiciary. For these reasons, it is essential that the election petition be conducted in a fair and impartial manner, and that the result be respected regardless of the outcome.

1 years ago

AI - A Blessing with Impending, But Avoidable Sorrows.

Recent developments in AI have caused some to speculate that AI may eventually become so powerful that it could eventually overtake humans and become the dominant species on Earth. This idea, referred to as an AI takeover...

1 years ago

America, China - A Tom and Jerry Relationship Benefiting Global Affairs

Despite this, the relationship between the two nations is not all conflict and confrontation. The two sides have also used their differences to their benefit, engaging in a series of negotiations... In conclusion, the relationship between America and China is best likened to the classic Tom and Jerry cartoon. While there has been conflict between the two countries

1 years ago


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